Do you want direct one-to-one support on your journey as a Modern Viking?

While I am primarily focussed on ways to reach as many people as possible, such as writing books, creating videos and participating in Brotherhood, I do have a few very limited spaces available for coaching clients.

Coaching Types Available

  1. Remote Coaching
  2. In-Person Coaching
  3. Group Coaching

Remote Coaching

Remote coaching involves regular Skype check-ins and communication via email. We’ll work together to uncover your goals and targets, and then I’ll support you remotely on your journey.

This includes fully personalised workout plans, diet support, working on your personal and love life goals, and developing your career pathway and trajectory.

Spots Available: 3/10
(Updated 1st December)

In-Person Coaching

The premium coaching experience, ideal for people who are looking for an 10x improvement in their life and are willing to invest the hard work to make it happen.

Perfect for Executives but also for guys who are in need of a particularly intense coaching experience, such as recently coming out of a divorce or bad breakup or being made redundant from your job. Residential coaching is possible where I will travel with you on business trips, tours etc. to keep you on the right path 24/7.

For obvious reasons, coaching is limited to the cities I’m currently in or for VIP clients I am of course willing to fly in to you.

I’m currently coaching in: London, UK (& Europe)

Spots Available: 0/3 (Contact me to book an advance contract!)
(Updated 1st December)

Group Coaching

Group coaching is available in the form of Brotherhood, a community for Modern Vikings to support each other.

I participat in the group, but the group is primarily managed by volunteers from the community.

With active discussions and sharing ideas, Brotherhood is the most affordable coaching type available because it’s absolutely FREE!

Spots Available: Unlimited. Join Here

(Brotherhood is a Closed Facebook group. After requesting access, a moderator should accept your invite within 24hours)

Making The Investment Into You

Coaching is paid on a retainer basis with a minimum commitment of 3 months. This is because we need time to establish our relationship and to give you reasonable time to start to see the results from our work.

Remote coaching is very affordable and starts from only $99 /month. You should be aware that I am currently in Europe but I am willing to work flexibly around timezones for our Skype calls and Whatsapp messaging.

In-person coaching starts from only $1,000 /month with various packages depending on your needs and investment. This retainer involves anything that’s needed based on your goals and objectives. This could include one-to-one sessions over coffee and lunch, private training in a gym, doing sports and outdoor activities together, going shopping for new outfits, attending business meetings together, or even going to bars together!

As your coach, I’m here to support you with whatever it takes for you to become a Modern Viking.

In-person coaching clients in European major cities other than London will only incur minimal additional costs of travel/hotels.

Apply For Coaching

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