Tribes are informal Meetups organised my members of the Modern Viking community to get together and support each other. Meetings include group workouts, drinking, activities such as axe-throwing and archery, and of course, a lot of banter and dicking around!

While we get these up and running, below are members who have expressed an interest in organising a group. Please contact them directly and I will keep this page updated with more information as groups grow and evolve.

North America


Paul Bishop (Denton), email

West Virginia

Jacob Nolan (Huntington), email

New York

Joshua Norstein (Poughkeepsie NY or Danbury CT), email


United Kingdom

Liam Gooding (London), email

Richard Frizzell (Colchester), Facebook, email

Interesting In Organising A Tribe?

Please contact me if you are interesting in hosting a Tribe. There is no cost associated (not from Modern Viking anyway), right now it’s just an informal interest in getting a group of brothers together.

Email me: