Kill Your Scarcity Mindset And Be Smarter With Your Gold Hoard

When you have a scarcity mindset, you’re in a state of mind where all you can focus on is getting something which you don’t have (or desperately feel like you need). In fact, you feel the absence of that thing so much that attaining it consumes your every thought.

It could be money, sex, a new car, a girlfriend, the latest iPhone…

When you are in a state of scarcity mindset, you block out other needs and desires, and your ability to think clearly and make decisions is impaired. Scarcity mindset blocks happiness and enjoyment because you’re unable to focus on positive emotions until the missing part of your life is filled.

If a Norse Jarl was worried about being extremely poor, and perhaps worried that his poverty put his position at risk, he might be consumed by the single desire to raid Christian monasteries. He’ll panic and fluster and scream at his men and act irrational, working on nothing other than putting together a band of warriors to go Viking.

However, by losing his full vision and not thinking strategically, he will probably miss the rival Jarl in a neighbouring territory creating alliances through marriage, slowly building in strength until he can usurp the Jarl stuck in scarcity mindset.

Scarcity mindset makes you dumb. It makes you ineffective, and it can seriously ruin your chances of becoming King.

I want to explore how scarcity of resources (money, cars, possessions) can seriously affect your happiness and ability to think clearly and more importantly, how to make changes in your mindset to avoid scarcity mindset and gain an abundance mindset.

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Stop Being Mr Nice Guy! Become An Assertive Viking

Too many men think that being the gentlemen is always the right solution. Sacrifice your desires for the greater good. Be polite. Avoid unnecessary confrontation.

The problem with being a nice guy, is you rarely get what you want.

But when you embrace an assertive mindset and start acting like an assertive Viking, you can start getting the things you actually desire.

Modern Vikings know that kingdoms and plunder are not rewarded to the Nice Guys. Sometimes you need to pickup your axe and shield and stand firm for what you want. You need to have a clear idea of your ambition and your desires, and then be prepared to defend those desires against anyone who challenges them!

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What Does It Mean To Be A Modern Viking?

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on social media in the last few months talking about becoming a Modern Viking. And today I just hit publish on the first release of a book titled “Becoming a Modern Viking”.

But the number one question I’ve been getting asked is:

“What exactly is a Modern Viking?”

I’ve had interest from people who identify as modern day pagans. I’ve had interest from people who listen to heavy metal music and wear Thor amulets. I’ve had interest from powerlifters and strongmen. 

A lot of people want to know – is this any good and is it for me?

I created the concept of a Modern Viking to become an ideal that a man could work towards. I created it for myself, for my own journey, but part of my own journey was that I wanted to inspire and help other men along their own path too.

So here’s an introduction to what I think a Modern Viking is.

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