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Remote personal training and nutrition, shifting your mindset and creating a personalised GROW personal development plan are just a few ways that you will benefit from working directly with me.

The Bestseller That Started It All

Released in 2016, "How To Become A Modern Viking" was my first paperback release and immediately launched to "#1 New Release" in's Men's Health category.

Since then, it has generated an audience of over 50,000 followers on social media, sold thousands of copies worldwide and has over 150 positive customer reviews across Amazon and Goodreads!

This was my book that started it all - where I bared myself naked and raw for the whole world to see. It was an honest account of how I lost everything that was important to me in my life, and how I started to put the pieces in place to build myself back up again.

Since I released my book, I have dedicated my full time career to Modern Viking

This means I have been waking up every day and researching performance coaching methods, addiction, happiness, motivation, stress, worry, hormones, fitness, nutrition, nootropics, body hacking and any other topic I felt would be something worth learning, mastering and teaching to you, my audience.

When you join my Inner Circle, you get direct and Unlimited access to all of that knowledge, whenever you need it!

Feedback From Coaching Clients

Anonymous Client, 39, Missouri, USA

"I found Liam's book while spirallling down after a divorce, and it was the only thing that kept me from falling to the very bottom. My ex-wifes infidelity had left me feeling worthless and imasculated. Looking in the mirror had become a daily act of self-torture. 
But Modern Viking gave me something new to focus on and genuinely inspired me to go for "round 2". When I saw the chance to hire the author as a 1-on-1 coach, I jumped at it and havn't regretted it since!

Working with Liam was mostly about confidence, self esteem and just having someone to guide me around my own thoughts. As the weeks went on, Liam slowly introduced me to working out a pace that I could handle. I'm not sure if he's my personal trainer or life coach, but I'm absolutely beasting life now and I know  this young guy's coaching is a huge part of that!"

Anonymous Client, 46, Melbourne, Australia

"When I first started working with Liam, I was apprehensive about what a kid could teach me about life other than how to complete video games! But after following his social media accounts for long enough, it was enough to realise this was a guy aged far beyond his years. Liam has been helping me with handling the failure of my businesses and I am already in a new career and much happier than I was before! I don't get to the gym much, so I have a fairly lightweight workout plan that is based around my work-travel life"

(I'm working on getting more of my current or previous clients who are comfortable with their identity being shared. It's a shame but men tend to feel uncomfortable admitting that they asked for help)

Fitness & Diet Coaching

I've tracked my own fitness journey on Instagram from day 1, sharing my workout routine and diet with all of my followers. Knowing that over 10,000 people are following your workout routine definitely makes you think twice about skipping the gym or having any cheat days!

I think I look great now, and I am stronger and healthier than I could ever imagine was possible. But here's the raw truth:

When I started, I could not do 1 single pushup or 1 single pullup!

Over the last year, I've learned a lot more about the benefits of individualisation and working around your own bodies specifics characteristics and genetic potential. This means I learned how to adjust my "one size fits all" programs to meet not just my own, but other peoples differences so that they could make progress quicker.

Everyone in my Inner Circle receives 100% customised and updated workout programs to meet your personal goals and targets. I'll vary the routines to keep them fun and interesting, while still making sure you are making constant progress in the right direction.

Stop Wasting Money On Multiple Coaches!

Workout Coach: $150 /mo

Most remote personal trainers on Instagram charge around $150 per month, with more popular fitness personalities charging $500 or more per month!

Nutritionist: $100 /mo

Nutritionists charge around $100 per month to adjust your meal plan, usually with an additional upfront charge of $100 to $150 to get setup!

Life Coach: $400 /mo

Most life coaches have minimum retainers starting around $400 per month. This is usually deducted in 1 hour blocks as you book Skype calls together.

Executive Coach: $200 /mo

Many performance coaches bill directly through your corporate employer, but hiring one for yourself directly will usually start at an hourly rate of $100, with a first consultation requiring a 2 hour call minimum.

Why spend $850 per month on 4 coaches?

Work with me for an all-in-one package and save hundreds of dollars every month!

Previously I sold remote coaching for $100 per hour starting at $500 per month but I soon realised I was talking to many of my clients via Whatsapp in lots of small conversations throughout the month.

That's what inspired me to create this one simple package, saving you hundreds of dollars a month and allowing me to work with more men and women who want to take their development to the next level!

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