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Vivo Life Go Viking! Vegan Protein & BCAAs

I’m extremely excited to announce that as of 6th June 2017, I have signed an exclusive sponsorship contract with the leading UK vegan protein brand, Vivo Life! This partnership, with an initial 1 year contract, will allow myself to focus 100% on my mission as an athlete and a leader.

As well as joining a family of hundreds of brand ambassadors, I will be joining the ranks of Vivo Life’s other sponsored athletes including:

While I’ve been given free products before and discount codes in exchange for kickbacks etc, this is my first sponsorship as an athlete with a brand that really, really fits well with me. It’s extremely exciting to see how this will allow me to do even more for all my Modern Vikings out there!

Let me explain a little more about what this deal means for you, what made me fall in love with Vivo Life, and how this is going to affect other projects I’ve been working on.

No Bullshit, Just Inspiring By Example

When I released my book, How To Become A Modern Viking, I (accidentally) inspired tens of thousands of men and women to change their lifestyle and mindset. I spoke honestly about my failed company, failed relationship, failed financials and failing health… and then mapped out the simple steps I took to turn that around.

Those men and women read my book, saw my progress in real-time on social media, and they decided that they could do it too! They started to lift weights, they began to dress more confidently, and they began to say “Fuck you!” a lot more often!

Inspiring such a massive change in so many people from just a single book drove me to pursue a new career. My “job” today still lacks a specific title but between the writing, acting, modelling, youtube videos and more writing, my goal is always the same: be a motivational example to others.

As a plant-based athlete, this has been my approach. I’ve got no interest in fear-mongering or preaching about eating meat or animal products. The ~1,000 men in my private support group will tell you, not once have I been a preachy vegan douchebag since my conversion!

I just keep making gains, I keep pulling heavier deadlifts, and I keep producing awesome educational content.

This attitude is one shared by Vivo Life – as a company they don’t waste time criticising those who eat meat. Instead, they just make awesome fucking protein products. They understand that people have a choice between whey protein supplements or plant-based protein supplements, and are going to choose the best product, so that’s where they spend their energy.

Their products just kick ass, there’s no vegan guilt-trip pressuring you into using them and you don’t need to be vegan to appreciate their taste, nutrients and value for money!

Vegainz and Wellbeing Too

As well as having a kickass protein+BCAA product (Perform) and a delicious intra-workout (Sustain), Vivo have a separate multi-vitamin superfood product called Thrive, available For Him and For Her.

This particularly caught my eye as one of my key issues lately with such a high training volume is ensuring I’m hitting all of my micro-nutrient goals. With most supermarket shelf multi-vitamins having extremely poor absorption rates, I decided to rely on wholefood products as much as possible.

Thrive is a raw greens superfood containing vitamins, minerals and probiotics from wholefood ingredients. It’s also blended with a natural blueberry flavour (anyone who has tried a “supergreens smoothie” will know they usually taste like shit). Anyone who can make chlorella and spirulina taste good deserve respect!

A 30 serving (1 month) supply costs around the same as a branded multi-vitamin, plus you can save 10% when you order by using promo code “VIKING” at the checkout!

Worldwide Vegan Viking Gainz!

While manufactured in UK, Vivo Life just opened a USA distribution warehouse (literally last weekend, as I signed) meaning you can get FREE DELIVERY on UK and USA orders!

A Few Concerns Answered

This is great news for my loyal fans who have been with me since day 1, but I know some people may have concerns so I’ve tried to answer them below.

Q: Are You Going To Start Ramming A Load Of Horse Shit Down Our Throats?

A: I am always ramming the importance of a high-protein diet down your throats, so nothing new there… I’ve always advised to use a protein supplement.

Over the last 6 months or so while researching & writing my new nutrition book(s), those protein recommendations became more and more plant-based. So will I keep shouting at you all to eat shit loads of protein? Hell yes! Do I now have a preferred brand of vegan certified protein packed with a massive amount of BCAAs that mixes great, tastes amazing and ships worldwide? Hell yes, and it’s Vivo Life.

For full disclosure, many bodybuilders or fitness influencers on social media operate on a comission-only basis with supplement and protein companies. That means they really need to sell, sell, sell and in return, receive free products!

However, my sponsorship contract with Vivo Life is totally different to this – it’s long term and based on a brand partnership. I would never dilute my Modern Viking brand and sell out my fans on some bullshit commission-based detox tea!

Q: Weren’t You Working On A Meal Replacement Company, Kinda Like Soylent But For Vikings?

A: Yes, “Nørdvita” was in development with a manufacturer in the UK, however, my new partnership with Vivolife solves many of the problems which originally pushed me to start working on it. For the foreseeable future, I have no plans to launch a meal replacement drink – Vivo Life’s Perform shake tastes great and is packed with loads of protein and BCAAs!

I still love the branding and product goals that we set out to achieve with this company, but now I am 100% focussed on working as an athlete and motivational leader of thousands of men and women worldwide!

Can I Get A Motherfucking Discount?

Damn right you can! Whether you’re in USA or UK, Vivo Life offer Free Shipping and also 10% off your order if you use code “VIKING” at checkout!