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When The Women Are Too Willing

One of the most popular myths about Viking raids was their love for enjoying their female plunder. Biased perhaps when all accounts of your raids are written by the sore losers, but we do know the Vikings participated in slave trade and we also know that, unfortunately like every ancient (and some modern) army invasions, raging testosterone made most conquering armies lose their minds a little.

Fortunately, adopting a Modern Viking mindset and understanding what that could mean as a guide to self improvement as a man, is not always a literal path.

I embarked on a new Viking raid myself last week, changing location from Barcelona, Spain to London, England. If I’m being honest, as a Modern Viking I made the decision to go raiding for pretty classic Viking: new wealth, new experiences, new lands and perhaps, new women!

Stop Chasing! Instead: Invest, Attract, Take

Except that one of the key messages throughout the Modern Viking book, and my entire coaching philosophy, is to focus on investing in yourself and then attract and take what you want. Chasing resources, such as women/sex, has very poor long term gains. The scarcity mindset of chasing resources will only result in an awful lifestyle balance and ultimately, unhappiness.

Instead, slowly building in strength and value and building a genuine base in which to swiftly take what you want, without risk of losing it afterwards, is the ideal path forward.

Since the book launched 2 weeks ago and blew up on Facebook and Amazon, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who have read the book. Which is awesome. So far I’d say I’ve replied to maybe ~150 of them (I also have a private membership group with a group chat for constant Q&A!).

However, already I noticed that one of the things I kept repeating again and again in emails was:

Forget about girls. Forget about getting laid. Sorry brother but that is unlikely to happen and right now, a waste of your time and energy… Put all your energy into you and only you, and that shit will come on it’s own later!

I gave this advice out so often, I started to feel bad for ‘cock blocking’ my brothers! But it’s so often the right advice for when guys are just starting in their journey.

Sex As A Catalyst For Change

Sure, most men come into this Modern Viking path because we want women. Or because a woman cheated on us. Or she dumped us. Or we ruined it with a woman.

But very quickly you need to find a much stronger catayst for change. You need a long term, sustainable and healthy motivator, and that’s what I guide guys through in the book.

However, what happens when you’re a bit into your journey and starting to see results?

  • You’ve started to feel confident and bold
  • You’ve started to look healthier and the masculine physique is starting to show
  • You’ve spent time building valuable bonds with your brothers again
  • You’ve started to do interesting things for you, and you’ve become genuinely interesting
  • You’ve lost the desperation for women, and you’re on the path to a genuine “Zero Fucks Given” attitude

Here’s what’s going to happen after 3-9 months of being on the Modern Viking journey – You’re going to start attracting more women (and offers of sex!)

What Happened When I Landed At Lundene

Here’s where I want to share what’s happening with me, and bear with me on this story because there’s a BIG announcement at the end!

I landed in London a week ago and just went about doing my Viking shit.

I looked for shelter, for protein, for a gym. If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll have watched this focussed adventure in real time (broken up by a brief hospital visit!)

To break up my week, I went to meet with a woman from my past, hoping to have a coffee and a chat and a nice time. It turned into a date and we had a great time, but it was obvious that she had moved on and was enjoying being single.

We talked and she encouraged me to go out and date now that I’m in a much better place. She said I looked good and I seemed to have worked on me a lot.

I’ll admit, it definitely sparked a curiosity in me – how would I do if I peered my head above the water and went to meet some new girls? If I went and did some raiding and plundering of my own, focussed on the future and stopped thinking about winning back the past?

Women Of The Past, Present and Future

It’s coming up a year or so since my 5 year engagement broke down. Those who have read the book have seen how my depression slowly built throughout that period of my life and how low I went. Of course, that depression blew up my relationship and the carnage is still with us both today. I seriously hurt an amazing woman through very little fault of her own, and even contemplating doing that to another Shield Maiden again frightens the shit out of me.

While no one will ever truly know if they are ready to move on from something like that, the last time I checked, Mjölnir was still hanging between my legs and I can only ignore it for so long!

So I did what I hadn’t done in a long time… I installed Tinder, Temptr, Bumble, Happn… I went full berserker on dating apps!

What Happens When A Modern Viking Starts Modern Dating

And within a few hours – this happened:


What the actual fuck!!!

Tons of matches with hotties (I swiped left on any girls who weren’t absolutely stunning and cool sounding). And loads of them messaged me first, or immediately replied to a simple smiley emoji!

These hot girls were saying they’d like to meet up with Liam Gooding, the tall awkward guy with the fat face, buck teeth and clumsy as hell style. The guy who looks like her barely existed for the last 7 years because I would be so religious about deleting or untagging photos of myself unless they were absolutely impeccable (a few slipped through the cracks though – see my puffy moonface on the right, taken in a club with an inspirational brother).

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 18.53.18

Getting Used To Inbound Female Attention

Quite simply, I didn’t know what to do. I’d never experienced women be so receptive to me before, I’d never really had women chat me up. The last time I used Tinder, I just chased and chased.

For guys who have always been good looking, I’m sure they’re used to women coming to them. You might be reading this thinking “Well I get 50 matches every morning!” or “I can chat up 50 girls in one night in bars no problem!”.

Maybe you’re used to this but please don’t get tangled up in comparing the numbers. This is about what I used to get before when I was lower than low (zero) and what I get now.

For regular guys, guys who are at the beginning of a total Modern Viking transformation, this kind of attention is new and scary and you almost expect it to be fake or a cruel joke.

But it wasn’t a joke – it was real. And it continued like this for the next few hours:

  • Girls messaging me without me saying anything first
  • Girls complimenting my physique
  • Girls telling me I looked like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones
  • Girls telling me I looked like I should be in the 300 movie
  • Girls asking me if I want to get a drink or a coffee
  • Girls asking me if I’m dominant during sex (plus much more explicit requests! ha)

It was an amazing feeling, and after I had started to realise what had happened (and spoken with some Brotherhood members about it!) I started to reply to a few girls.

But new matches and new messages came in faster than I could reply!

Girls started to ask what I was doing this Friday. This Saturday. Right now. Where I lived. If I had my own place…

Losing Days To Women

Before I knew it, a whole day had gone by and honestly no bullshit – all I had done is flirt with girls. I relaxed into my (now natural) confident and Viking tone. I never came across desperate or needy. I was comfortable waiting for the girls to “bite” on conversations and be attracted to me. I had interesting stories to tell and could portray a high value without relying on abs or model cheekbones (neither of which I have of course).

Just a reminder guys – I did Game/Mystery/PUA (pick up artist) for a few months at University and got pretty good at it (it’s how I met my ex-fiance, a smoking hot cheerleader who every guy in the college wanted to date!). But those manipulations and tricks soon go out of date and disappear, and all that’s left behind is you.

However, now as a 28 year old man talking to grown ass women, I didn’t know any magic tricks or special tactics. Anything I knew was either out of date (no one calls anyone anymore) or was tailored specifically for younger girls but most importantly, it was fake bullshit that didn’t make me feel good anymore.

Instead, I was just acted like myself. Just me.

No fake personas. No pick up lines. No tricks. No psychology.

Being ‘Just Me’ Worked Good. Real Good

Before I knew it, 16 stunning, and I mean stunning girls (8, 9 or 10/10 if you’re into putting people on a metric scale) girls had given me their Whatsapp numbers and were texting me to setup dates.

It was working good. Real good. I was making all kinds of gains.

Then I realised the biggest mistake I had made…

16 fucking women????

I struggle to eat 6 meals a day and shower twice a week… how am I going to ever find the time to sleep with 16 women?!

I came back to reality. I came back to myself. I remember who I was and why I was here – to Become A Modern Fucking Viking!!!!

I could just imagine it happening already: I skip a gym session here and there to meet a hot girl. I skip 2 morning meals because I sleep in having sex all morning. I start ordering dominoes because one of the hot girls I’m fucking loves their Sriracha wings.

And the most dangerous…I find a girl who says she loves my body no matter what it looks like….

Repeating Bad Habits

This had happened to me before… I dove into a relationship with a girl before I was ready to give her what she really needed/wanted (girls rarely want or need what they tell you!).

I simply said yes to everything I needed to say yes to, in order to keep getting the honey. I never said no and I bent over backwards to wrap myself around her life.

I would say and do anything as long as my sword rested in it’s scabbard that night… with no thought as to next week or next month. It was all I used to think about, and as I stared at 16 unread conversations in Whatsapp, it was all I was thinking about right now.

So I did what I do best – I came up with an eccentric idea…

I’m Going Celibate

I’m not having sex, because it seems the women are too willing, right now.


They might want me now but if I go and give in, within a few months it’ll all be for nothing. I’ll be back to where I was.

The book (my only source of financial income right now) will have dried up. My body will start turning soft. My mindset will become week, and my confidence will be dependant on sexual attention again.

Let me just say – this isn’t a religious celibacy. And this isn’t a “non optional” celibacy (i.e. no one wants to fuck me!)

As well as dates with stunners, there are now at least 10 girls in my Tinder who are sending Erotica and asking me to come over and do things to them that their boyfriends/husbands/toys can’t do… So there is the option for relationships AND meaningless just sitting there.

And I’m choosing to say no to it.

Putting A Goal In Sight

I hate not having goals or targets. I have targets for my deadlift. I have targets for the circumference of my biceps/arms. I have targets for when I will get my first tattoo.

So celibacy as a personal challenge, and as a research experiment for Modern Viking, should be no different.

(Also, I’m doing it as a challenge, not a punishment! Eventually Thors Hammer needs to strike an anvil…)

Right now, I’m going for 27 Dates Of Celibacy.

Why 27 Dates Of Celibacy

I’m shooting for 27 dates because of the norse love of the number 9 and number 3.

9 + 9 + 9 = 27

There are 9 worlds hanging from the tree of life, Yggdrasil (Earth, or Midgard, is one of them). I want to make sure I have experienced at least 9 totally different locations for dates.

When Odin sacrificed himself to himself in order to gain the knowledge of the runes, he hung himself for 9 days and 9 nights.

I want to make sure I go on at least 9 dates during the day: coffee, museums, exhibitions etc.

Then I want to make sure I go on at least 9 dates at night: cocktail bars, movies, restaurants.

What Do I Hope To Achieve From This Challenge

Will I make it? Will I explode? Will I die? Will anyone win the betting pool in the Brotherhood chat group?

  1. I want to make sure I regain my focus on myself. I’m not a monk – my natural testosterone levels are through the roof since I started my Modern Viking transformation and it would be impossible to get attention from beautiful women and do nothing about it. So I will go on dates and make meaningful connections with beautiful women, but I cannot compromise my own long term goals
  2. I genuinely want to learn more about celibacy and how it effects a sexually active adult male whose natural testosterone levels are sky high. I’m curious how my psychology and moods will be affected throughout this time.
  3. I want to know if I can do it. Since been a teenager, all most weaker men think about is getting laid. So consciously saying no to sex from amazing and beautiful women, when you’ve spent years of your life unhappy and lived in depressive state for so long, is going to be tough
  4. I would love to put together my findings, experience, tips etc. after I finish this challenge for other brothers in the Modern Viking community. I know it wont always be practical or desirable to turn the honey tap off. This is for guys at a very specific and important milestone in their journey.

Follow me on IG or Snapchat. Of course I might end up having to date multiple girls, or the same girl multiple times. Who knows! This post is only about my story, not other peoples.