Lift Like A God: Thor Workout

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This program involves training 6 days a week and training each body part twice a week – it’s the maximum work a Modern Viking can do in a week (naturally) and still function in regular life.

It requires a full 6-8 hours of sleep every night (or you will ache too much and be too sore to train) and lots of low-GI carbs and protein. This really is pushing your body to it’s maximum growth potential!

While each body part is trained twice, I avoid repeating the same exercises where possible. This is so that you can hit each muscle from a different angle but also to avoid boredom!

I have trained this program for almost 6 months, with a few tweaks and changes depending on my current gym’s equipment, and have got great results (check my Instagram).

The emphasis on this program is lifting heavy – it’s a hybrid of a Powerlifting 5×5 program combined with Aesthetics Bodybuilding principles and then my own trial & error.

We aim for a very wide AND very thick back so that you will look like a Viking in every outfit, but all of that size is also very functional – strong deadlifts and squats will allow you to effortlessly move shit out of the way in life!

Each day may take between 1 – 2 hours. This is an intense program that requires lots of rest between sets and between exercises. Do not try and rush through each workout, we are trying to achieve the best balance between strength and hypertrophy, and you will get plenty of cardiovascular benefits from the sheer volume of work through the week.

This is a free download but I would ask that you kindly buy a copy of my book if you get value from this. There is much, much more related to workout principles than you can find on this website alone.

Download The Free Workout PDF Here