While getting reviews from book critics and other authors looks great on a book’s back cover, these are the real people who make Modern Viking worthwhile for me.

Of the thousands of copies sold of Modern Viking (I self-published the book, so thats huge!) these are just some of the people who took the time to message me on Facebook and let me know what they thought of it.

I’ve added these here with the permission of each person.

Testimonials From Men

I will be forever grateful to Liam for giving me the push I needed to get up and start changing my life! Modern Viking has done wonders to make me a better person!”

Hunter Killroy Smith, Facebook

“A few years back I went through a really rough patch. My wife left me, I lost my job. Thing were bad. I reached deep with in myself and recreated who I was. It was not easy or fast, but everyday I keep moving forward. Your book, Modern Viking, parallels my transformation and has been very inspiring to me. Knowing you’re out out there fighting tooth and nail, just as I am, makes me get up and try harder! I hope this book reaches those men who need it and that they take from it the inspiration to become the warriors they deserve to be!”

Steven Masters, Facebook

Testimonials From Women

“You’re book really has spoken to my husband. It has helped him in a way I can’t, and you have no idea how grateful we are for your words.”

Casey Gillespie, Facebook

“I love that there was no nonsense or fluff – it’s a great book. My boss has told me that he’s noticed how much more confident I am! I’m the only female in a maintenance shop, and your book has helped me step up and out of my shell.”

Christina Matthews, Facebook

Add Your Testimonial

Did the book help to improve your life? How about a special man in your life?

Please email me and I would love to add your testimonial here so that other people can see how beneficial becoming a Modern Viking could be for them.

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