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Viking Basic Bootcamp Workout Program
4-6 week beginner program. Complete this before moving onto any of the Lift Like A God programs, especially if you are brand new to fitness, weightlifting or training in a gym.

Lift Like A God: Thor (6 days a week)
A 6 days per week program. Maximum growth, maximum berserker mode! This is the program I personally follow (for the last 6 months!). It requires lots of food, lots of sleep. It builds a big and powerful physique, with more attention paid to aesthetics than a powerlifting program but not as conscious about body fat as a pure Bodybuilding program.

Lift Like A God: Odin (5 days a week)
A 5 days per week program, focussing on a body part per day with 2 rest days. If you add 2 cardio sessions a week, this is a great bodybuilding style program.

Lift Like A God: Tyr (4 days a week)
This 4 days per week program follows a “Push, Pull, Rest…” cycle. With more rest days and less emphasis on fully exhausting individual muscle groups, this will allow progress and growth but with less soreness through the week. Though ideal for particularly busy guys, following this program will still mean you’re getting fitter and stronger than most men!

Shield Maiden Booty Workout
A program specifically designed for ladies who are looking to hit the lower body and build more toned thighs and thicker, fuller glutes, but aren’t necessarily looking to follow a full weightlifting program. It utilizes an A/B circuit routine and can be performed in a park or at home. (I created this routine after so many female readers asked me for one!)

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These are complimentary resources and downloads to supplement the information in the book.

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